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Medical Researcher & Scientific Associate

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About the Job

Medical Researcher and Scientific Associate
Alexandria - Egypt

The Medical Researcher and Scientific Manager holds primary responsibility for medical projects planning, structuring and execution. They are the point of medical reference for the organization’s departments and provide professional and technical support answering their medical, scientific and research needs within specific guidelines. We are currently hiring for Medical Scientific Liaison in Alexandria - Egypt.

  Key Responsibilities

  • Disseminate, review and present clinical and scientific data, in group and one on one settings
  • As applicable, research and analyze scientific studies and medical data to develop insights and contribute to publications as appropriate
  • Develop scientific communication materials (slide presentations, communication tools, medical reports..,ect) for dissemination through integrated scientific and healthcare marketing projects
  • Lead/participate in medical and scientific forums (e.g. advisory boards, scientific discussions and medical conferences) if required
  • Respond to unsolicited inquiries for medical information from external experts
  • Provide expert-level clinical consultation and support to business partners (eg CME events, training of representatives, etc)
  • Partner and collaborate with in-house business partners to facilitate ongoing exchange of clinical information (i.e. new data, competitive intelligence, insights learned from customers)
  • Provide regional medical perspective to influence the medical affairs plan
  • Keep abreast of scientific literature/clinical data, relating to their therapeutic area and translate data into applicable knowledge and communication platform.
Job Requirements

   Basic Qualifications

  • Advanced post graduate scientific degree required (MD, PhD, Pharm D)
  • Fluency in English language is a must
  • Therapy area flexibility is necessary to meet changing business needs
  • Strong ability to apply and leverage scientific and medical knowledge while demonstrating scientific credibility is essential 
  • Ability to work in virtual teams and Matrix environment
  • Familiarity with pharmaceutical industry regulations and policies governing information provision
  • Sound negotiation and leadership skills
  • Excellent public speaker, with outstanding presentation skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Team orientation and the ability to work closely with cross-functional partners
  • Demonstrated ability to confidently interact with external experts
  • Demonstrated strong organizational skills
  • Self-starter and innovator
  • Demonstrated professional and ethical behavior.
  • Strong strategic and analytical skills at various therapeutic areas
  • Ability to work independently and ability to travel as per professional requirements

   Preferred qualifications

  • Prior experience working in the Medical Affairs function for the Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology industry experience is an asset
  • Strong academic record or Medical Research experience is a plus



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